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Toulouse Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

Toulouse International Airport is also known as the Toulouse Blagnac Airport, due to its location in the area of Blagnac. It is approximately 6.7 km west northwest of Toulouse, and is one of the larger airports in the country of France. The airport is used by a large number of airline carriers, and is also a hub for Air France and EasyJet, two very popular air transport operators in the country. For ground transport, passengers can use the buses available, however, taxis often provide a more convenient form of transport, as they go directly to their customer's destination. The Toulouse Blagnac Airport taxis are reasonably priced as well.

Toulouse Airport is well designed for maximum efficiency and has a capacity for millions of passengers per annum. Currently, it handles almost seven million passengers every year. Hall D, which is the latest addition to the airport's facilities, greatly enhanced its size and capacity, and is dedicated to international traffic. Passengers will arrive here on airline carriers such as British Airways and Lufthansa. The other three halls of the airport are important for domestic flights and flights to other European countries. They are referred to as A, B and C, and each have a wide range of useful facilities and services for their passengers. The four halls of Toulouse Airport are in one terminal building, and all are within easy walking distance of the ground transportation options that are available to arriving passengers. Taxis are one of the most popular forms of transport at the airport.

The taxis of Toulouse Airport are found on the ground floor level of the terminal building, nearby to the arrivals area. Passengers should collect their luggage and make their way to gates C and D, should they require a taxi. Airport taxis are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Passengers will therefore usually not need to wait for a taxi, however, if arriving during the early morning hours, it may be best to pre-book a taxi service. A reservation is not required, but sometimes it brings peace of mind knowing that a car will be waiting for you at your time of arrival.

The airport has a special number for the booking of taxi services, and a call center dedicated to assisting passengers with the reservation of a taxi. The number to call is +33 (0)5 61 30 02 54.

At European airports, arriving passengers are recommended to only take a taxi from the dedicated taxi rank at the arrival level of the terminal building. On occasion, someone may loiter in the arrival area and offer transportation services. These offers should always be declined, as this person may not have a license to provide transport services from the airport. The official taxis will always be found in the airport taxi rank, and their drivers will not be wandering the arrival halls looking for customers.

A taxi to the city center of Toulouse will cost approximately 22 Euro, while a taxi to Colomiers, Sesquieres and Mirail will cost approximately 23 Euro. Around 34 Euro will be charged for a trip to Labege, Le Palays, La Plaine and the Eurocentre. These rates vary according to the actual destination requested by the customer. These are also the daytime rates charged. During later night hours and early morning hours taxi rates are more expensive, for example, a trip to the city center of Toulouse at night will cost 25 Euro. The higher rates are charged on Sundays and public holidays as well.

Taxis in France and at the Toulouse Blagnac Airport have meters, which means that a customer will pay a certain amount per kilometer traveled, rather than a set rate. Always ensure that your taxi has a meter that is turned on and in working condition. Although the meter will record the amount due for the journey, it is also recommended to discuss the average price of the journey with the driver before leaving the airport. There will then be no misunderstandings once the journey is complete, and payment is due. The driver should also explain any additional charges that are due, such as those for luggage loaded and those for more than four passengers in the vehicle. Additional charges are applicable for animals loaded as well.

Although the price of a taxi journey is almost always more than that of a bus, passengers sometimes prefer a more private ride to their destination following the airport. A bus is also a slower ride, as they may make many stops along the way. A taxi will make no stops, and will take you right to the doorstep of your home or business location, whereas a bus will only travel between its designated bus stops, from where your destination may still be some distance.

Taxis are convenient for departing passengers as well. Although the fare may be quite expensive, it may be less than the cost of airport parking. Taxis are available in Toulouse from many of the main public areas, such as train and bus stations, and may be quite easy to find at larger shopping centers and at popular tourist locations. Alternatively, a taxi can be called to collect you from your home or business, for transport to the airport.

More details regarding the Toulouse Blagnac Airport taxis can be obtained from the information booths within the terminal building, or passengers can call the airport in advance of their arrival. The airport's contact number is +33 1 70 46 74 74.

Taxi fares to & from Toulouse Airport (TLS)

Book Origin / Destination Duration (Mins) Distance Up to 3 passengers Up to 4 passengers Up to 6 passengers Up to 7 passengers Up to 10 passengers Up to 13 passengers Up to 16 passengers
Book Cap dAgde 180 220 KM
- - -
Book Bordeaux 140 250 KM -
- - -
Book Argeles-sur-Mer 200 260 KM -
- - -
Book Martillac 185 260 KM -
- - -
Book Sete 220 300 KM
- - -
Book Arcachon 170 300 KM -
- - -
Book Hossegor 213 300 KM -
- - -
Book Anglet 180 300 KM
- - - - -
Book Girona Bus Station 220 320 KM - - -
Book El Prat Airport 310 400 KM
Book Barcelona 270 410 KM
Book Marseille 250 420 KM
- - -
Taxi fares, distances and travel times to & from Toulouse Airport (TLS)

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